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Patch Notes: DECEMBER

A huge Happy New Year from the team here at Sneak! Time for another Patch Notes, looking back on December at Sneak HQ. Let’s get to it…


Obviously the big event in December is always Christmas. All our focus was on making sure everyone who wanted Sneak for Christmas was going to get it! From offering festive gift cards to making our delivery dates super clear, we pulled out all the stops to give you all a Sneak-fuelled Christmas.

To everyone who woke up to a delivery of In-Game Energy or Sneak merch on the big day, enjoy the best gift you’ll receive this year! We’ll be here when you want to restock. To all those who gave Sneak as a gift – you’ll now go down in history as the greatest gift-givers of all time. Be proud.


As you all probably know, we source our Sneak ambassadors based on who stands out from the crowd – and we want to tell their unique stories. Not long ago we featured BlooTea, the best Fortnite player you’ve never heard of, who told us more about how he prepares for tournaments and what life is like as a competitive player. Miss that video? Catch here on the Sneak YouTube channel.

In December, we headed over to Colorado to meet another member of Team Sneak: The Poolshark. Real name Erik, The Poolshark is a full-time streamer, father, husband – and military veteran. He spent years serving his country and was deployed to Afghanistan more than once.

So how do you go from serving in the line of duty, to streaming Call of Duty for a living? Find out in our exclusive film.


The end of December brings the end of an amazing first year for Sneak. We launched in March, so we’re still only ten months old – but in that short time we’ve got through five flavour launches, multiple merch drops, a sell-out Black Friday event, a real-life Loot Llama competition, two ambassador documentaries and so much more.

It’s been an awesome first calendar year – and we know you’ll believe us when we say there’s so much more to come.

Stay locked to Sneak in 2019 – big moves are coming.

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